Snowshoe Safety Tips

Snowshoeing is a relatively easy sport to get into. It's a great outdoor winter activity for people of all ages but snowshoe safety is important. Any time you go into the outdoors there are risks of injury, follow these snowshoe safety tips to avoid problems on your next winter adventure.

Snowshoe Safety Tips

  • Stay off of thin ice. Never walk on lakes, rivers or frozen water unless you are sure it's absolutely safe.

  • Be mindful of what is under the snow. Avoid barbed wire, fallen trees and other dangers that may be hidden under the snow.

  • Know where you are and the way back. Don't rely on following your tracks. A sudden wind storm can bury your tracks.

  • Keep warm. Proper layering can help you avoid frostbite and hypothermia.

  • Beware of avalanches and know how to identify risks of a snow slide.

Snowshoe Safety Tips Share Your Adventure Photo by Jonathan Baskin

If you follow these basic snowshoe safety tips you'll have a great time in the outdoors and you'll avoid injury. Be sure to always bring a map and compass and tell someone where you're going to avoid being lost in the wilderness. Most of all, have a great time. If you'd like to learn more about snowshoeing, check out these other articles.

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