Which Boot is Best? How to Pick Winter Boots

Win the cold-feet battle this season with the help of winter boots that you can depend on.

Dealing with cold, damp and unsteady feet is a common inconvenience when winter rolls in, but it doesn't have to be! Keeping feet comfortable when the mercury drops and snow falls is easy when you have only the best winter boots to choose from. While you could stock your closet with a variety of boot choices, you'd do just as well if you have just two pairs of really dependable winter boots that are always ready to go to battle with cold, wet conditions. If you want to be prepared for winter conditions without sacrificing your unique style, then you'll want to be sure to have one pair of winter boots that feel comfy and look fashionable and another pair of snow boots that can take on the most extreme winter conditions — or just one pair that does both!

Luckily, even the most heavy-duty snow boots can offer the snowy style you crave, and you may be able to get away with owning just one pair of winter boots that ticks both the fashion and function boxes. So, when you're shopping for the perfect pair of winter boots, always keep both style and function in mind.

Read on for a run-down of your best options for keeping feet warm, dry and stylish this winter.

Comfy Winter Boots with Serious Style

100% sheepskin boots may not be a good choice for snowy conditions, but they are an incredibly comfy option for chilly days and nights out. The shearling interior of sheepskin boots provides naturally breathable, moisture-wicking and insulating warmth that feels great on a cold day. LAMO and EMU boots are great choices for stylish, cozy sheepskin boots.

If you want the natural comfort of shearling, but need a little more protection from the elements than sheepskin boots offer, invest in a nice pair of leather boots with shearling lining. Handcrafted leather Alico boots and stylish Born boots are warm, fashionable and versatile shearling-lined options for your winter wardrobe.

Comfy winter boots are often a fashionable choice for cold weather, especially when they feature a fur-lined collar, lace-up closure or other stylish details like toggles, prints or eye-catching textures.

Winter Boots 1

Fashionable Waterproof and Insulated Winter Boots

If you live in a region that has snow on the ground throughout most of the winter, you'll want to make sure that your fashion-focused winter boots are both waterproof and insulated. High-quality snow boots will feature a watertight rubber vamp and/or a waterproof breathable membrane to keep feet dry in snowy conditions, and some sort of insulation that provides protection against frigid conditions. Traction rubber outsoles are a must-have feature for snow boots, as well. Another thing to look for in your snow boots are those aforementioned stylish details that will make them a versatile addition to your winter wardrobe.

Pajar, Kamik and Khombu boots are always a great choice when you're looking for snow boots that provide exceptional weather protection as well as city-ready style. Check out the stylish examples of women's winter boots and men's winter boots below.

Women's winter boots:

Women's winter boots Sierra Trading Post


Men's winter boots:

Men's winter boots Sierra Trading Post

Serious Snow Boots

While you can definitely have a pair of snow boots that mean business and look stylish, your more heavy-duty snow boots will likely be a bit heftier than your fashion winter boots. If you live in an area that gets really cold and snowy in the winter, you'll need a pair of snow boots that are tall, well insulated, waterproof and traction-soled for tackling big snow storms and the most frigid days.

Pac Boots

Pac Boots Sierra Trading Post

If you want some serious protection from the winter elements, pac boots are a great addition to your winter boot collection. Pac boots are perfect for very cold, snowy conditions because they pack in the warmth with removable, insulating liner booties or warm, integrated insulation and the heavy-duty snow protection of a rubber foot. Khombu, Kamik and Kodiak are boot brands that consistently deliver dependable performance in extreme winter conditions.

Sierra Trading Post has a lot of stylish winter boot options for both women and men. Check out our Winter Boot Guide and this video for more in-depth information on all of your options.
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