Why You Should Try Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a winter outdoor activity that has grown in popularity in recent years. We aren't talking about your grandfather's snowshoes, today's snowshoes are light-weight and designed to make traveling on snow easier. In the 1990s snowshoe companies revolutionized the sport by introducing better designed snowshoes which has allowed snowshoers to pick up the pace and cover more miles in the snow. These changes to the equipment have allowed more people to enjoy the sport.

In addition to smaller and lighter snowshoes, the industry has worked to design snowshoes to move more comfortably with changes in the hinges, which springs back after each step. The hinge allows you to walk with a much more natural stride and to let you cover more ground before getting tired. Current snowshoes also offer stronger crampon like bottom to grip hard-packed snow as well as easy on and easy off snowshoe bindings. Depending on the company, you'll find easy to use ratchet binding and single fastening systems to help make it easy to get them on and off.

So you've heard about snowshoeing or maybe tried it once but you are wondering "what is the big deal about snowshoeing?" Well, here are some reason why you should try snowshoes.

It is easy. If you can walk, you can snowshoe. Snowshoeing is a lot like walking except they help you move more efficiently across snow. You don't need a lesson and there isn't a steep learning curve. Once you have the equipment you are ready to get outside and start having fun.

It is a great workout. Snowshoeing is a great way to get a low impact workout. In fact, you will burn more calories than similar exercises without snowshoes, such as hiking, walking and running. Studies show snowshoeing provides an excellent workout without the impact of running, you can burn 400 to 1,000 calories an hour depending on your pace and the gear you are carrying.

It is inexpensive. As prices for other outdoor sports such as skiing and snowboarding continue to climb, snowshoeing requires little equipment and no lift tickets are needed. There is no per time charge to enjoy the sport unless you go somewhere that requires park entrance fees.

It gets you outside. Snowshoeing is an excellent reason to get outside during the long cold winter. Many people become depressed during the winter months but getting outside for some fresh air and sunshine is a great way to battle depression.

It is fun. If you enjoy hiking or running in the warm months you'll love snowshoeing since it really is just an extension of your other favorite activities, plus since less people are out of trails you can find peaceful solitude in areas that are overrun by people during the summer.

You can do it anywhere. If you've got snow you can snowshoe anywhere. You don't have to drive a few hours to get to a snowshoeing spot, you can do it in your neighborhood park, on a golf course or in your backyard.

Everyone can do it. Snowshoeing really is for people of all skill levels including children. You can buy snowshoes specifically designed for children of all ages. Now you can take the whole family out for fun family adventure in the snow.


I hope one of these seven reasons why you should try snowshoeing has encouraged you to give it a try. If you have any further questions about snowshoeing you can check out the Sierra Trading Post Buying Guide for information on different snowshoe styles, snowshoe accessories, helpful tips and safety tips. Also, check out our other blog articles for information on how to choose the right pair of snowshoes.

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