Winter Boots

When you bundle up for cold weather you may layer up your upper body, pick a cozy hat and wear mittens but it also very important to have the right kind of winter boots to keep your feet warm. In addition to fingers and ear, toes are often susceptible to frostbite. If you can keep your feet feeling warm and comfortable you'll likely be much happier in cold weather.

There are many different kinds of winter boots. From casual fashion boots to extra warm pac boots, you've got to match your winter boots to the activity and temperatures you're likely to encounter. Watch this video to learn about the three basic types of winter boots.

Types of Winter Boots

Pac Boots are great boots for activities like snowshoeing or for shoveling your driveway and they're even good for motionless activities like snowshoeing. Pac boots are a great option for an all around winter boot.

Pac Boots

Hunting Boots tend to be a little lighter than pac boots and they usually offer better traction. Also, most hunting boots are waterproof which will help keep your feet dry and warm.

Hunting Boots

Work Boots are similar to hunting boots but they often come with a steel toe and are made with a durable leather. Work boots are great for those who work outside or do activities where they need extra toe protection.

Carhartt Work Boots

Finding the right pair of winter boots will help keep your feet warm all winter long. Whether you choose pac boots, hunting boots, work boots or a more casual boot, check out Sierra Trading Post for great deals on great brands.

For more help choosing winter boots check out our Winter Boot Guide.
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