Get Outdoors to Stay in Shape: Fun Ways to Work Out this Winter

Winter is sometimes seen as a season to hibernate from the outdoors. With snow and cold weather, your favorite summer activities are put on hold until those warm months return, leaving you in a slump of inactivity.

It doesn't have to be this way! Winter offers plenty of opportunities to get outdoors, which means you can stay in shape without a gym membership.

We have a number of blog posts that explain the basics of new-to-you activities. Here, we highlight 5 that can help get you started in a fun way to stay in shape this winter.

1. Alpine Skiing: 5 Downhill Skiing Tips for Beginners

skiing tips for beginners

Alpine skiing allows you to get in shape while feeling the adrenaline rush of cruising down a mountainside. Your legs will feel the burn after you spend a good chunk of your day in a squat position. If not for that hurts-so-good sensation of a quality workout, you wouldn't have even realized the day was spent burning calories. New to downhill skiing? Read our blog post on downhill skiing tips for beginners.

2. Snowshoeing: How to Snowshoe - Snowshoeing Tips for Beginners

how to snowshoe

If you love hiking, you should give snowshoeing a try. All you need is a pair of snowshoes to extend your hiking season by a few months. This sport allows you to explore your favorite trails while enjoying the stillness of winter. Snow adds a magical element to your hike, but it also adds a level of difficulty that will leave you out of breath on a trail considered easy in the summer. Read our blog post on how to snowshoe for more information on this fun and active sport.

3. Ice Climbing: A Beginner's Guide to Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing Cody, Wyoming

Ice climbing isn't as simple of a sport to get into as snowshoeing or skiing, but it might be worth a try if you are bored of the usual winter activities. Go with a professional guide so you can learn proper technique and safety precautions. Trying this sport through a company will also allow you to rent the necessary equipment. Read our blog post to learn more about what ice climbing is and how it's done.

4. Nordic Skiing: Etiquette on the Cross-Country Ski Trails

Cross-country ski etiquette

Nordic skiing is like a mix between snowshoeing and alpine skiing. Just substitute lift lines and dramatic mountain slopes with peaceful, groomed (and relatively flat) trails. While snowshoeing and downhill skiing mainly work the lower half of your body, cross-country skiing uses a full body motion more similar to rollerblading. Read our blog post on Nordic skiing etiquette to become more well-versed on the ins and outs of cross-country ski trails.

5. Hiking: The Best Footwear for Winter Hiking

footwear for winter hiking

If you live in an are that doesn't get enough snow to warrant the use of snowshoes, simply stick to hiking! Hiking is a fun way to stay in shape while getting the opportunity to take in some amazing scenery. Even if trails aren't completely snow-covered, they could still be slick. Read our blog post on choosing the best footwear for winter hiking to stay safe on the trails.

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