5 Downhill Skiing Tips for Beginners

Every year you hear about your friends going on ski trips and are starting to get jealous. Instead of just listening to their fun stories, why not make this the year you learn to ski? No matter what age you are, it's never too late to learn! Here are five skiing tips for beginners to help you get started on the slopes.

1. Wear the proper attire

Before you even begin skiing, the most important part is making sure you're wearing the right clothing. Put on thermal long underwear and other base layers, followed by wool socks to keep your body warm. You'll also want a waterproof jacket and pants that allow some movement but aren't too loose. A hat, waterproof gloves, and goggles will all be necessary as well. Whether you buy or rent ski boots, have a professional fit you with them so you get the right size. Ill-fitting boots can ruin your entire skiing trip.

2. Invest in a lesson

Your husband may have been skiing since he came out of the womb, but that doesn't make him a good teacher. It's actually harder for people who grew up skiing to teach new people, as it's second-nature for them. They probably can't remember any fear or hesitation they had when they first began (or might have never had any if they were a child). Invest your money in several one-on-one lessons with a professional. They've been trained to break down skiing into simple steps and problem solve through any parts you're not understanding.

Skiing tips for beginners

3. Don't be embarrassed of bunny slopes.

Towering over small children who might be more skilled than you can be embarrassing, but there's a reason they're starting there. The bunny slopes are well-groomed and have only a slight angle so you can practice your basic skills. These are important to master before you go on to bigger hills where you'll be zooming down much faster. Learning to stop properly on the bunny slopes will make your future runs much more pleasant. Going up the magic carpet is much easier than attempting to get off the ski lift on your first few runs, anyway.

4. Don't look at your tips.

This is one of the most tempting things to do when you start skiing, but the tips of your skis are the last place you want to look. You're bound to get into accidents with other people or objects if you do this. Always look straight ahead of you so you can see curves, trees, or other skiers on the hill. While skiing is a fun activity, it can be dangerous when people don't pay full attention to where they're going. This will also train you how to get used to knowing what direction your skis are pointing without looking at them.

skiing tips for beginners

5. Fall uphill.

You finally start to learn the basics of skiing and are zooming down the hill until you realize you have no idea how to stop. Until you learn the proper way, one of the easiest ways to stop is by bending your knees and turning uphill. As always, do a quick glance around you to make sure nobody's behind you before attempting this. When you turn uphill, you'll start to decrease your speed naturally and can either stop while standing up or gently fall down. This is much safer than trying to figure out how to stop at full speed and possibly injuring yourself.

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