Craving Adventure? Try these 5 Wild Travel Spots

When you're craving adventure, sometimes you need to take a vacation to experience it. There's nothing quite like skiing down the mountains in Patagonia, surf the waves in Hawaii, or go waterfall jumping in the Dominican Republic.

Whether you stay close to home or go to a foreign land, there's plenty of adventure to be had in these wild travel spots.

1. Dominican Republic

Wild travel spots Dominican Republic

This Caribbean island is loaded with activities to immerse yourself in. Head to the jungle to go zip lining among the monkeys jumping tree to tree. You'll love hearing the sounds of all the animals that live in the jungle as you whiz by. The mountains hold plenty of caves to be explored and waterfalls to be jumped off of.

Don't forget about the ocean; there are some amazing dives all around the island. If that makes you nervous, you can still snorkel and see some beautiful coral reefs. Kite surfing is another popular activity that takes advantage of the wind coming from the ocean. There are plenty of sandy beaches to relax on after you've had your fill of physical fitness.

2. Patagonia

South America's southernmost region is a hiker's dream, and many people plan their trip many years in advance before coming here. Located in both Argentina and Chile, each section has something different to offer. The Argentinian side has grasslands and deserts, while the Chilean side has glaciers and even a rainforest. Go biking down the trails, hike in the mountains, or go skiing with a beautiful view of the land below.

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3. Hawaii

Wild travel spots Hawaii

You don't have to leave the United States to find adventure. The scenic islands of Hawaii are full fun activities to do. Go hiking in the jungle and explore the active volcanoes from a distance. See why the state is known as the birthplace of surfing -- they have some incredible waves to catch. Don't forget to go snorkeling to see all the colorful fish and turtles below.

4. Alaska

This state may be "The Last Frontier," but those who haven't visited are missing out. In the summer, try your hand at fishing in the rivers flowing with salmon. If you're craving more adventure, join a white river rafting tour for a different way to see the river. In the winter, there are plenty of ski resorts with advanced runs to zoom down the mountain on.

5. Iceland

Wild travel spots Iceland

The land of fire and ice is the ultimate destination for all things adventure. Whether you're a snow bunny or prefer to be in the water, you can do it all here. There's also plenty of hiking to do on the volcanoes as well as snowmobiling on the glaciers. You can even ski on select mountains if the conditions are right.

While Iceland may not seem like the warmest place in the water, it has one of the most unique dive spots in the world. At Silfra, you can dive between two continental plates. If you'd rather stay dry, take advantage of all the mountains around and go hiking.

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