How to Prevent Water Bottles from Freezing

No matter the weather, it's important to stay hydrated when you're getting after it outside. Winter camping, snowshoeing and skiing are all activities that require you to be well-hydrated, but it can be difficult to get that liquid fuel if the water inside your water bottle is frozen or if your water bottle is frozen shut. Prevent yourself from getting into an uncomfortable and dangerous situation with these tips on preventing water bottles from freezing.

Buy a Wide-Mouthed Water Bottle

The wider the mouth of your water bottle, the longer it will take for water to completely freeze over your water bottle's opening. Take wide-mouthed water bottles on winter adventures to prolong the freezing process.

Carry Water Bottle Upside Down

Water bottles freeze from the top down. Beat the system by carrying your water bottles upside down. This way even if your water starts to freeze, you'll still be able to open the bottle and drink the water that's still in its liquid form.

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Keep Water Bottles Close to Your Body

Store your water bottle in an inner jacket pocket or in another location close to your body and let your body heat do the work for you. Be sure to only do this if you are exerting heat; storing a cool water bottle next to your body when you're cold will only chill you more.

Prevent Water Bottle From Freezing

Bury Water Bottles

Snow is a great insulator. Burying your water bottle in the snow while you're out camping can help prevent it from freezing overnight. If you use this method, make sure you mark where you bury it so you aren't out searching for water the next morning.

Heat Water and Place in Dry Bag

Fill your water bottle with warm water (not boiling), seal it in a dry bag and then pack it up. It will take longer for warm water to freeze, and the dry bag will help prevent a mess if your water bottle leaks. If you're looking for a way to stay warmer while you camp, store the water bottle in your sleeping bag overnight. This will keep you warmer and ensure that you have water (not ice) the next morning.

See this tip in action by hitting the play on the video below!

To prevent your hydration bladder from freezing, just blow it out your hose! Check out this blog post for further instructions.

What tips do you have for preventing your water bottles from freezing in frigid temps?
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9/11/2016 at 10:01 AM
OR and Forty Below sell great water bottle insulatiors. We used them on our Denali summit expedition and they were great!
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