Bogner Filipa-D Down Ski Jacket

Reviewed by Nina from Wyoming on Wednesday, October 19, 2016
I placed my order for the orange jacket....( due to having several black ski jackets already in my possession). Upon arrival and opening the shipping box the jacket is much brighter orange than I had anticipated, a very bright hunter orange. (the interior of the jacket is a berry maroon color, the inside of the hood can be visible when worn). It took me getting used to the bright orange color and I found myself having to ask my stylish daughters what they thought of the loud and unusual color.
They thought it was cool and different, the girls also know that it is a Bogner and that I tend to like unusual Bogner jackets. I also noticed that the down is extremely light weight and caused me to check the filling content just to make sure it was down. Its nice for a very light weight jacket but it bothers me that there is no cuffs on the inside of the wrists. When a cold wind blows it seems to go right up my sleeves. The hood also is lacking a tie string or snap and cannot be secured down..... when the wind blows its hard to keep the hood on when needed. It just blows right off unless you hold the hood continually with you hand.
The jacket might be used for a light weight inner layer. However it is not warm ski jacket to ski in on a cold windy day.
The jacket was on sale and still rather expensive but I do like it because its unusual.... .and it's a Bogner!
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