Should have listened to other reviews

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Nick from Iowa on Tuesday, August 11, 2015
The sock itself is probably fine (by design)-I have other Bridgedales and love them. This sock has quality issues and while it is a 2nd, I would expect it to still be usable. There was some stitching around the toe that was a little off, but usable. However, the top part of the sock around the ankle on both socks is fraying and has not been stitched over. I might be able to sew it myself, but it's not a lot of material to work with and it would probably look odd.

Both of these were obvious without removing the socks from the packaging.

I bought two pairs of socks as seconds (the other was fine) and only one ended up being usable. At half price each (from retail), it cost me the same for one blemished sock as it would have for a perfect pair. Because return policy requires paying shipping, I would have ended up netting $.52 if returned defective.

There won't be a next time for me and 2nds on merchandise I can't see before purchasing.
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