One size does not fit all

Reviewed by Igor the Igor from California on Sunday, April 2, 2017
I bought two of this quilts recently - for me and for my wife... Quality is really good – it is very lofty, fabric is incredibly nice to the touch, stitching is perfect. They did a good job to decrease drafts – there are baffles all over the perimeter. So first impression was very positive.

But there are two issues I found after testing it.

1. I wish there will be “large” size available. My wife is 5'10” closing size 8-10 – and quilt is roomy for her. I'm 6'3” and it is short – in description it was mentioned it fits up to 6', so no complains here. But I'm 44” in chest I wish it will be wider – when I lay on my side and cover my shoulder it is long enough to touch the ground, but I'll be on sleeping pad or have puffy jacket on me – it will leave gap. It is still usable either if you do not cover your shoulders and sleep in a puffy jacket or if you sleep on your side and do not straighten out your legs completely, but I wish it be 3" longer and 3" wider.

2. According to my digital kitchen scales weight is 440g for the quilt – it is 15.5oz, not 13oz. If you add stuff sack coming with it (13g) – you will get a pound exactly. This is true for both of my quilts.

Overall – very nice quilt if size is right for you and 2.5oz overweight is OK.
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