“Is the back pocket big enough to hold a smart phone?”

Asked by Philip Brewer from Savoy, IL on 5/30/2015 8:04:46 AM
  • Nope. I would not trust the back pocket to sufficiently hold then hold any style smart phone.
    Answered on 5/30/2015 12:16:18 PM by SD_Forester from SoDak
  • My Moto X (1st gen.) fits if I remove the protective case. It will not go into the pocket with the case. The phone dimensions are listed on Wikipedia as:
    129.3 mm (5.09 in) H
    65.3 mm (2.57 in) W

    It is touted as a 4.7" screen phone.
    Answered on 5/30/2015 5:55:15 PM by RChristopher from Alabama