Reviewed by Jeff from Connecticut on Monday, July 13, 2015
I've had more time to check out this great knife. Yes, the Black Label series are well-worth the money, especially when on sale. I commented on my previous review about my assumption of a blade tension set-screw being under the bolster (#8 Torx?). After taking the cover off of this area to familiarize myself further with the knife, it appears the Torx screw located there effects the centering of the blade, not so much for adjusting blade tension.
These knives are all fine-tuned by Browning before being sent out, both of my Black Label knives having perfectly centered blades. But after loosening, lightly oiling & then re-tightening the set-screw, the blade was noticibly easier to open & close. Just make sure the blade is re-centered & back off VERY slightly to allow more movement. My blade is centered & even easier to use.
As far as having a reversible clip, I don't see how this is possible? There are only clip holes for positioning as-shown & the bolster cover on the opposite side has no holes for the clip either. So it appears to be for right-hand carrying but ambidextrous opening due to dual thumb studs on the blade.
Still, a great knife especially when on special.
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