Handy, comfy, lots of uses

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Love Leather from LF on Monday, June 11, 2018
These fold up into a little pouch and should fit into most handbags. I use them for a variety of purposes: I find that they are good to keep in my handbag at all times in case a shoe emergency arises e.g. 1) if you've been wearing high heels too long and really need to give your feet a rest, 2) if new shoes that started off feeling OK end up hurting or squeezing your feet after a while, 3) If the tip or the entire bottom of your shoe falls off unexpectedly while you're going about your merry way (don't laugh, this has happened to me ... dry rot of shoes I hadn't worn in a very long time).

It's great for non-emergency uses too, e.g. 1) I slip them on at work to keep my feet comfy under my desk, 2) they're great for giving my feet a break while flying, and work well for going to the bathroom without having to put your shoes back on, 3) use as soft shoes for pottering around the house. I'll probably figure out more uses for them soon.
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