Size up?...NOT

Reviewed by ExitStrategy from California on Saturday, July 9, 2016
I ordered a Medium before reading all of the reviews suggesting sizing up. My waist is 32 and the Canari sizing chart said M 30-32, L 32-34, so after reading the reviews I figured that I should have ordered a L. When the M shorts came, they seemed to fit ok, albeit with no room for error (i.e. eating too much ice cream the night before). Nonetheless, I got on the chat line and asked the customer service rep what he thought, and he suggested that I order up. When the L came, I put them on, and hoo boy. They weren't really much bigger in the waist, but the liner, which already felt like it was hanging low was REALLY hanging low making the load in pants effect even more severe. (You can minimize the load effect by pulling the insert up so they are snug against..well, you know...and folding over the waist band. Maybe this is common knowledge...but new to me). Also the shorts, true to their name, were more 1990's hip hop shorts baggy even though the waist was only marginally larger.

Besides the sizing, I would buy these even without the liner. Great for travel to use as a workout short, very casual wear or even swimming. One note, is that the liner comes attached to the shorts and you have to snip them out of the shorts. I assume so that in a retail store that did this so that they don't get separated, but would be nice if, like my other shorts, they would snap in/out.

One other note, is that someone else mentioned that they can put their iPhone in the back pocket. Hmm. That pocket is pretty small. It can fit in, but will stick out and you can't zip it up, so definitely not something that I will be doing.
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