Easy Lattes Happening Here!

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Yabette from San Francisco on Thursday, April 7, 2016
I have owned various espresso machines for the last 10 years and this one is an upgrade! It has those extra details that make your latte every morning so fun!
Details like:
-A water reservoir that holds about 4 days of double lattes, instead of daily water filling.
-A thumb guard to keep your thumb from getting burned if you need to empty the espresso tool and refill before it cools down.
-A steamer that will keep steaming as long as you have water- easy for making several cups of steamed milk at once.
-The scooper has a tamp tool on the other end.

I am thrilled with this purchase. The only thing that I wish I could change is for it to hold more espresso, to make larger shots!