• You would definitely want to get size 36x30 for optimal fit. If you're in a cooler climate and you plan on wearing some thick layers under them, go with 38x30--they'll be a little loose without the layers, but they'll still fit well. These are indeed preshrunk and I have had no problems with washing them. I went up 2 sizes myself because I like to wear wool thermals and a hoodie under them.
    Answered on 5/30/2016 5:10:45 AM by Paul from Oklahoma
  • I went up 2 sizes in the waist and mine fit perfectly even after washing.
    Answered on 5/31/2016 8:23:59 AM by Mark from Ohio
  • Don't use waist size use your chest size(suit jacket) and inseam.
    Answered on 5/31/2016 12:24:22 PM by The average Saint Louisian from Missouri
  • Hey Trucker - Stick with the 30 length but I'd get a 38 instead of 34. I have a 38 waist and a 42 size fit perfect. You're right they won't shrink much, if at all, because of the nylon. Great overalls, real quality, can't beat the price.
    Answered on 6/4/2016 5:31:39 PM by Bob from Idaho