“Are these tapered or straight leg ? desc doesn't say.

Asked by Horse from Northern WI on 10/1/2014 9:08:27 PM
  • straight legs but pretty baggy
    Answered on 10/1/2014 9:14:05 PM by farmers wife from spring valley wi
  • Straight leg
    Answered on 10/1/2014 9:15:11 PM by Gumper from Cottonwood Heights, UT
  • they are straight leg, extra roomy, comfort seems to have been a priority. have extra big front and back pockets. wear like iron. might last forever!!
    Answered on 10/1/2014 9:25:10 PM by Sierra Shopper from Colorado
  • These are not tapered, they are straight leg and I wear them over my XtraTuf's or tucked inside. (Those are boots commonly worn in SE Alaska)
    Great Jeans!
    Answered on 10/1/2014 11:41:56 PM by Dave from Alaska
  • These are straight leg, heavy duty but also good air flow from the bottom of the pants. Haven't felt overly hot compared to other pants while working outdoors in the summer here in Arizona.
    Answered on 10/1/2014 11:48:19 PM by Kimball from Mesa, AZ
  • Per the actual Carhartt tag (it was still in my recycling bin), these are "original fit" and are described as "straight leg." Wearing them, they are definitely not a tapered leg - plenty of room to fit over a pair of work boots.
    Answered on 10/2/2014 4:07:26 AM by Vic from Madison, WI
  • Strait leg.
    Answered on 10/2/2014 5:51:32 AM by Rocket from Western Ma
  • definitely straight leg. The opening is wide enough to accommodate work boots.
    Answered on 10/2/2014 8:54:52 AM by tpflyers from New Mexico
  • Straight leg
    Answered on 10/2/2014 6:13:00 PM by TinmanAz from Arizona
  • these are huge. Loose or dungaree fit I'd say. Huge amounts of extra material from the thigh down. I like how heavy-duty they are but they fit like a circus tent
    Answered on 11/13/2014 6:54:57 PM by Bingo from Portland