• We do not sell a women specific version. These can be worn by women if you choose. You may check Carhartt's website to see if they have them for women.
    Answered on 2/5/2016 9:53:51 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post
  • they do make woman's jeans with double front, I have never bought any.
    Answered on 2/5/2016 10:00:29 AM by Skylervt from VT
  • I am not sure about a women's version but the men's pant could be worn by a woman without much trouble. They are large in the hip and should have ample room. These are a great pant for the price here on STP. I love them and have never experienced any issues with the ones have ordered.
    Answered on 2/5/2016 10:55:31 AM by JL from Sandy
  • Ive worn my husbands and I don't find them the most comfortable. They make a women's version though I have heard its a little thinner. http://www.carhartt.com/products/carhartt-women-pants/Relaxed-Fit-Canvas-Kane-Dungaree-100681
    Answered on 2/5/2016 11:31:32 AM by Rachel E from Spokane WA