“Is this coat suitable as a winter coat or just a medium warmth jacket?”

Asked by Sarah M from Nebraska on 11/29/2015 8:46:44 PM
  • Hello,

    This jacket needs extra support for 35 degree nights with wind if you are standing still. Extra support would be an extra fleece and/or liner (pile or Sherpa). Um...I wore this jacket on a night that had heavy winds but was only around 35 degrees. I had a difficult time standing the wind plus the temperature.



    P.S. If you are not tall or your gift receiver is not tall, you will probably have to change out the cuff buttons. The snaps make a wide cuff. I had to add extra snaps to cinch around my wrists.
    Answered on 11/29/2015 8:58:03 PM by silver2row from Louisiana