Love it so far

Reviewed by Jonathan the Machinist from South Texas on Saturday, November 22, 2014
First off, I found what makes my coat a 2nd. It took a lot of looking, but I found what appears to have been a hole or tear above the left front pocket. They stitched the heck out of it though to make sure it wasn't going to go anywhere. If this weren't a 2nd, I would have been just slightly displeased, but at the price I got this for (about 55% of what they sell for on Amazon) I'm very happy with it. The stitched up spot blends in very well, so nobody but me is going to know that it is there. Even if they did, it doesn't really look bad.

The coat feels pretty good on me. It gives me that "hard working man" kind of feel. I love all the pockets. Those of you who, like me, carry a concealed handgun (legally FYI) will appreciate the extra length. I can ride a bike around town with my family and not worry about it poking out from under my jacket. I also like the buttons on the sides which I can leave open, making for an easier draw.

Living in South Texas, I wanted a coat that wasn't super warm. This one is sort of on the low end of warmth, but I have definitely worn cooler coats. It seems to keep my arms warmer than anything else.

People said in these reviews that the sizes are bigger than you would think, and they were right. I guessed and ordered a small, and it is a good fit. I wear 34x30 pants to give you an idea of my size, and anything bigger would have been too big. One final piece of advice: use Scotchguard. I double-coated my coat as soon as it arrived and the next day mud was flung all over it. A can of Scothguard costs about $6 and will keep your coat looking good.
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