If you tend to run warmer than most people this will easily take you to below zero

Reviewed by jbr from Chicago on Wednesday, October 1, 2014
This is my must-have coat for out door work when the blizzards hit. I work up such heat shoveling snow I only reach for the Carhartt when the temps drop to ten degrees or below, with a cotton shirt underneath. I've never once gotten cold, nor has the wind ever permeated the shell no matter how hard it blew. Bear in mind I'm working - if I were just out walking around I'd probably have something a little warmer underneath. My son freezes when it hits twenty, so he wears his on the job site with layers underneath. I wore it more last winter than in the entire eight years I've owned it, shoveling for hours at a time and never getting cold. We had a spell when the wind chill went to -46; I compensated with a wool-blend long sleeve shirt underneath and was fine, although my legs were froze. I got this one in a smaller size because I don't need to layer, and the brown is darker and richer than the picture. The outer fabric is also much softer than my other Carhartt. I wear the men's version because I'm tall and can't get the sleeve length I need in the women's.

I was really pleased to see the quality hasn't gone down in this jacket, like it has in most other things. Tight construction, excellent heavy zipper, thick & comfortably snug cuffs that keep the snow and wind out. Virtually identical to my old one. You can't go wrong with this Carhartt.
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