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Verified Buyer Reviewed by DWM from Arkansas on Wednesday, December 6, 2017
6 ft x 5 in @280 lbs puts me in the "Not an easy fit!" category. This typically works out to 3XL-T sizing which few manufacturers bother to accomodate these days. I found that Carhartt isn't afraid to place themselves front and center in the big boy market, and i highly commend them for that.
I followed their sizing chart and placed my order. The coat arrived quickly and I was very pleased to find that it not onlyb fits me very comfortably, but it's actually quite roomy too. Most 3xlt products from their competitors barely fit, without much room to spare, and the sleeve length is often inadequate. But Carhartt isn't the least bit stingy with the materials or the measurements. I could probably go down to a 2xlt and still be quite comfortable.
This coat is supposed to be a factory-second, but i cannot find anything wrong with it, even after about 2 hours of very critical inspection.
If the zipper holds up, i'm going to be wearing this coat for a very long time.

Anyway... i think the sizing, the fitting, the style, the materials used, and the overall built quality that goes into this coat is quite remarkable to say the least. I wouldn't change a thing. And I think this reflects VERY WELL upon the management, who sets the standards, establishes the priorities, and directs what elements are the most essential, and practical, along with the feature sets, without compromise. Their high standards are quickly apparent in both quality of materials, and the manufacturing. These attributes are tell-tale signs which show that they are in this for the long haul, establishing and maintaining their own standards that set them so far ahead in the market that the competition simply cannot compete.
Well done Carhartt !!! I love this jacket.

Always carry more inventory for *XL-Tall sized products.
Few companies offer XL-Tall sizes to begin with, which makes shopping far more difficult for Tall persons. (Nøt sø øbvious tø merchandisers)
This, of course, adds to the problem of keeping XL-Tall products on the shelf. It's not like these products aren't available to the market... they're just not available to the customer. In other words... tall shoppers buy everything they can get their hands on, and the shelf goes bare very quickly.
For the last forty years the pattern is always the same : "OUT OF STOCK"
What does that tell you?
This tells me that there is a strong market in these sizes, they sell quite well, and that a great many of tall people would buy a whole lot more products if they could find them on the shelf.
LL. BEAN is the worst when it comes to inventory. For example, for the last 20 years, without fail, they sell out of tall sweats BEFORE winter... long before Christmas. [...]? And it seems that Sierra Trading Post is following the same sales formula because they ran out of 3XLT sizes on all but perhaps two styles of jackets two weeks ago... and even before that it was slim pickings. Christmas is still three weeks away, and nada. Even when they still had inventory the colors selections were quite limited.
There is much that can be improved... especially in the first-quality retail selection... and this applies across the board in all products and categories.
You cannot sell what you will not supply.
Keep in mind that us tall folks have to buy our clothes somewhere, and that somewhere, to us, is limited to anywhere that stocks it. Might as well be you! Right?
May i ask, what is a merchandiser's prime objective? It is to sell products and make a profit!!! Right? All the other mickey-mouse issues that HR focuses upon are irrelevant if you fail to uphold your prime obective.
It is my opinion, that you need to get back to basics.
Just sayin'.

Anyway... Thank You Sierra Trading Post.
It was a pleasure doing business with you... and I Thank You for at least stocking some XL-T product. (More would be better.)

Merry Christmas to all.

Best regards,
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