Workable Work Wear

Reviewed by OlTrailDog from Near Bozeman, MT on Friday, March 29, 2013
I started wearing polyester/cotton mix jeans while working extensively in back country wilderness settings. In the back country cotton clothing is a good way to get your fanny spanked whilst grappling with the elements by Papa God (as contrasted with Mother Nature, whom truly is a figment of overly ambition imaginations). Albeit, good cotton jeans are an excellent choices for about town, work site, or at the office. I like these twill jeans worn loosely with suspenders and sewn on suspender buttons. They are lighter feeling and cooler than cotton jeans and they wear tougher. I've actually been asked what make of pants I was wearing on a previous occasion by a covetous individual. I like them so well that I purchase the twill jacket hoping for the same work tough combination.
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