“Are your products seconds”

Asked by Propbuilder from Ga on 11/1/2015 9:22:27 AM
  • I'm just the buyer here, not the seller. The ad says "2nds" in red, so I think they are probably seconds. :)
    Answered on 11/1/2015 9:31:58 AM by CowboyDenver from Colorado
  • The many Carhartt purchases I have made over the years have been seconds, but I have neber fully determined what the defect was. Maybe a shade off, or an incorrect stitch. Who knows? The look and wear great!
    Answered on 11/1/2015 9:32:11 AM by b-gabe from New England
  • as a customer I can only say that the pair I bought showed no seconds in them, if they were seconds they hid it well
    Answered on 11/1/2015 10:38:45 AM by Vietvet from Massachusetts
  • Yes they are but they are high quality seconds. Sometimes its a minor stitching flaw or tag not sewn in properly. It will take a while for you to be able to find the flaw.
    Answered on 11/1/2015 4:07:13 PM by Robin Lanning from South Carolina
  • No cant find any blemishes in the pants
    Answered on 11/2/2015 4:01:56 AM by jose from maryland