• I ordered these for my husband and the tag says they're made in Haiti.
    Answered on 2/19/2016 7:05:36 PM by Nicole from Washington
  • The shirts I received in my order where all made in Haiti.
    Answered on 2/20/2016 6:59:21 AM by BargainMAN from Colorado
  • The shirts I got were marked size Large, made in Honduras, 'Original Fit'. The fit for me is comfortably roomy. I use them for work and am not interested in a skin tight fit. It seems that Rene's question might be asking S.T.P. which of the three possible locations has made the shirts in question --- as a means of assessing the roominess before purchase. For me, extra room in a tee shirt is not a problem , but a too-tight shirt doesn't work. Hope that is helpful.
    Answered on 2/20/2016 11:29:18 AM by EJ from MA
  • The most recent one we purchased was a light color and was made in Haiti. Most of the shirts we have purchased have been darker colors and were made in Honduras. It is true that they do not seem to be made the same exactly. The first Carhartt we bought was the best, with longer sleeves but was purchased several years ago. No matter where others have come from they do not have the "original" fit. Still, for my husband they all work OK. Some are better than others.
    Answered on 2/20/2016 2:14:00 PM by kettle from klette from Sierra foothills
  • They are made in El Salvador. I normally wear a extra large . The large in these shirts are a little lose and the med are a little tight when in the lighter colors.In the black I wear a med which fits perfectly. Is'nt that messed up . All's I can say is fluck.
    Answered on 2/20/2016 6:14:57 PM by fender553 from lexington sc
  • We have received multiple shipments of this item which is why we have a variety of locations listed for the manufacturing origin. It depends on the size and color ordered.
    Answered on 2/22/2016 10:39:03 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post