“are these shoes waterproof?”

Asked by michal from il on 5/18/2015 2:18:25 PM
  • I'm fairly certain they are not. While the lower part is thick leather that seems well-sealed to the sole, the top of the toe box, tongue, and ankle collar are canvas. The canvas is very thick and lined underneath, but I don't think it's waterproof. While I've worn them all winter in rain and snow, I can't say I've stepped in a puddle deep enough to sink the tops and find out, I can say my feet have remained dry while walking in a couple inches of snow on occasion, and in heavy rain. But they aren't actually waterproof.
    Answered on 5/18/2015 6:04:13 PM by Kat from Chicago
  • I would say no, though I haven't tried them in a soaker. I would call them water resistant.
    Answered on 5/18/2015 6:43:46 PM by NHS from West Virginia
  • These shoes are not waterproof.
    Answered on 5/19/2015 9:09:07 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Company Headquarters