• It depends on the size of your foot, which I will assume is a W (Wide) for this answer. While there are some Women's shoes on the market that carry W shoe widths, there are few women's sandals that I'm aware of that fit Wide Widths (Most Woman's Sandals carry a B width, which is considered the normal width for a woman). On the other hand, the normal shoe width for a man is D which is a little wider than a B.

    If you like a sandal style in women's, I would look at the shoe width in that sandal's listing. If it says B, it may be smaller than your foot. If it says W and/or WW in addition to B, it could your width as well as size. It may sound a little more detailed than you may like, but I hope this helps.
    Answered on 7/11/2016 1:56:58 PM by Gregoree from New Jersey