Picture is very deceptive...

Reviewed by Susan the sunny from Illinois on Friday, December 1, 2017
I understood that these were laced up the front. I can see the laces! What you cannot see are any laces that are actually tied. I assumed these were elastic laces and one could slip in and out of the boots. NOT TRUE! And, not only do you have to tie and untie the boots, in order to loosen them up you have to pull the lace through the tight, vertical leather piece, which makes it difficult to tighten and loosen the laces. No thank you! I bought these to be easy-on/easy-off and they won't serve that function.

I am still giving a high rating because the boots appear to be well made. Afterall, they are Clarks! Sizing is true with a thin sock. If you want to wear winter sock that is not thin, order up a half-size.