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About Climbing Hardware

Proper climbing gear and rock climbing hardware get you to the top of your rock-climbing performance. The face of a cliff can be a dangerous place, and rock climbing hardware keeps you safe by using things like cams to secure and keep you from falling. Cams use friction to steady rope for a climber. The climber secures the rope to his or her body, which provides backup in case of a fall. Proper use of a cam ensures a climber can never fall too far, even if the climber slips off the rock completely. Other necessary climbing gear includes carabiners, which are metal loops used as connectors between ropes. Carabiners are ovular in shape, and two carabiners connected by strong webbing are called a quickdraw, which is used to attach the rope to anchors. Climbing gear and rock climbing hardware by Omega Pacific, Camp and Mammut secure your place at the top.