“What is the weight limit? Can it be used by a person weighing 300 pounds?”

Asked by Nounours from California on 8/20/2016 3:32:38 PM
  • I did read the weight capacity somewhere; can't remember what it was. I packed it up and stored it already. If I can get to it soon, I'll let you know.
    Answered on 8/20/2016 6:04:21 PM by LiebLady1 from Maryland
  • Weight capacity for the twin size is 300 pounds.
    Answered on 8/20/2016 8:59:18 PM by LiebLady1 from Maryland
  • I'm not sure. I think I remember a 250ib limit. Otherwise I was (an am) VERY happy with the purchase.
    Answered on 8/22/2016 11:07:10 AM by Medarisa from Washington