Good mittens

Reviewed by Vanchocstraw from New York (Manhattan) on Saturday, January 25, 2014
These are pretty good. I've biked the six miles from work three times in 6 degree (Fahrenheit!) and they kept my hands mostly warm - my thumbs got cold as they're obviously isolated from the main chamber holding the heat and by hanging below the handlebar they' get the wind directly. If I were to adapt them for biking I'd reinforce the tips and thumb with a further outer layer, but any of the products available on the market would make the mittens look terrible and peel off eventually. As these were "closeouts" I doubt Columbia still makes them, but they'd be the ones to improve them. For now I'll cut of the thumbs of some thinner, unwanted pair of gloves and put them on while biking in very cold weather. I plan to be using them for skiing. I still think they were a good buy. If they are still available I offer this caveat: my hands measure 7 1/2" from wrist to tip of my middle finger and the medium size just fits - barely. It's difficult, biting on the tip of the glove's thumb "socket" and pulling the thumb back to insert in the main part - so I can warm it up! - well, it's
a very tight squeeze. I thought the large size would be too large for my smaller than average hands for a man my size (5'10", 160 lbs.), but I'd be very interested in trying them on.
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