Love this shirt!!!

Verified Buyer Reviewed by JohnL from Michigan on Tuesday, April 19, 2016
On several of my roll-up sleeve shirts (Columbia is also guilty of this on some shirts), the manufacturer has made the strap with a button on it, rather than the button on the sleeve. While is make for a cleaner looking sleeve (no button, just a look to feed the little strap through), when my sleeves are down it leaves a little strap tucked in my sleeve with a button, and no way to control where that button ends up. Usually it ends up under my elbow when I'm leaning on something and the button digs into my elbow which really hurts.

This shirt, the button is on the sleeve itself, under a little hiding pocket. Fantastic design.

About this shirt... I love the fabric, it's soft with a bit of stretch to it, making it a great shirt to wear when you're going to be moving a lot, like while paddling a canoe or kayak. Also, the cuffs extend a bit over the backs of your hands which helps a bit with sun protection while also keeping the cuff from getting anywhere near your palm, which is something you don't want happening while paddling.

The pockets are "okay". There's nothing wrong with the design as done, but I really like the pockets better on such shirts from Columbia as the 'Global Adventure', 'Voyager', 'PFG Airgill Chill Zero', 'Featherweight Hike' and 'Solar Cast Zero', where there is a "side entry" chest pocket. The best design is probably in the 'Voyager' and 'Global Adventure' where there are both top and side entry pockets.

All that said, even though I prefer some design options from the other shirts, I REALLY do like this shirt, which feels great while out in the woods and on the lake and also looks nice when worn as business casual.
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