Can you tell me what these lenses measure height and width?


Asked by Bonie from colorado on 8/13/2015 9:56:40 AM
  • Mine measure approximately 2" wide (at the widest part) and 1 1/2" high. Mine are really comfortable! I love the polarized lenses!
    Answered on 8/13/2015 10:01:42 AM by Sherry from Georgia
  • I am not an Optician or eye glass expert !I will write the measurements I take from the actual glasses with a rule while sitting in front of this computer! The lenses measure 1 1/2" high each lens meaures 2": from side to side.The measurement from side to side of the glasses while holding them in my hands is 4 1/2 " from outside to outside.I hope this helps...
    Answered on 8/13/2015 2:28:43 PM by DukeyStick from Canton,Ohio