Terrible Polarization

Reviewed by Michael from Denver, CO on Tuesday, February 14, 2017
I disagree that these are overall "cheap" even thought they are lightweight. They're a nice material and look great. Think fear and loathing...

The polarization of the lens is terrible on coverage. Using the trick where you look through another pair of polarized sunnies rotated 90°, I could see the polarization of these lenses is horribly splotchy. So whIle the very center is polarized and what you SEE has reflections reduced, these don't cut glare as a good polarized lens should.

I always check out polarization on sunglasses I buy, and I've only seen such terrible polarization on cheap-o gas station sunglassew; and even those are usually much better than these Costas. I expected SO much better from a name like Costa.

For the record, I did keep these because I think they're super stylie and I'm vain like that. I won't fish or drive with them, though.
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