“Is this really coral or is it red; I do not like red so I don't want to risk ordering it.”

Asked by Costa Tippet Sunglasses from Illinois on 7/5/2015 11:11:48 AM
  • More pinkish with a red hint, definitely not red-red. A little brighter than in the photo.
    Answered on 7/5/2015 11:16:34 AM by Barefoot Cyclist from Washington
  • This is a 2 part answer. 1- Mine are the Tippet Ti40 in Coral White/Green Mirror 400P, so I'm not sure they are the same color as the 580P. 2. I would say the color is a rust/pink- an unusual color, not brown, not red. Additional Information: The lenses are small looking- I do feel like they are a little too small for an average face, and kind of feel like they look child sized, however the lenses are AMAZING and I need my sunglasses to be the best when I do outdoor sports & drive. For that reason alone, I will always own a pair of these.
    Answered on 7/5/2015 11:29:46 AM by WendyWhoHikes from Northern CA
  • They are coral. I was afraid they would be bright red too but they are really cute glasses
    Answered on 7/6/2015 4:45:58 PM by Tyler mae from Florida