“Are the frames an 8 Base curvature?”

Asked by Streamfisher from Georgia on 7/14/2015 7:27:33 PM
  • Not sure what an 8 Base curvature is. Pls be more descriptive.
    Answered on 7/14/2015 7:30:33 PM by AlexT7801 from Lima, Peru
  • I'm not sure what an 8 Base curvature is but I love these sunglasses. I thought I would only use them when needing them (like if I thought I was going to read outside) but I wear them all the time. I bought another pair from Sierra that I never wear because these worked out so well.
    Answered on 7/14/2015 7:35:01 PM by Jerry from Colorado
  • I think they are a 6 base...
    Answered on 7/14/2015 7:40:40 PM by grafton hayes from Colorado