Love it, Hate it.

Reviewed by Real Farms from Milwaukee, WI on Monday, January 29, 2018
Okay - I'll start with the hate it part. I wore it once and snagged it twice:(. In all fairness, I was moving grocery bags. Needless to say, it's not a durable fabric. (I didn't feel like a full star demerit was justified).

However.... it is the most gorgeously soft, wonderful sweater. Just putting it on it could be the next 10-year sweater. Yes, as the previous reviewer mentioned, there are two shoulder buttons, one inside on the right side, one outside on the left, so it can cross the body with a drape. It looks beautiful with a tank and LLR legging.

Sizing: I'm 5'1 158# (oof - Christmas) and the medium is perfect.

Side note: Because of how it's draped, it's the perfect sweater for a new mom who is breastfeeding. It's like a built-in privacy blanket.
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