“is it a second grade product ?”

Asked by fergy44207403 from new york on 8/3/2016 5:35:42 PM
  • There is nothing that I can see that would indicate that the reel is a second.
    Answered on 8/3/2016 5:43:33 PM by PK from Wisconsin
  • It is a decent value, but it is definitely not top of the line. I've had no problems with it, just haven't had it long enough to how durable it is.
    Answered on 8/3/2016 6:35:34 PM by MrBill from South Carolina
  • I fish saltwater and I'm pretty hard on my gear. As I mentioned several parts on higher quality reels that are metal are made of plastic on this model. Not saying it's inferior rather I know what I put my gear through and I'm better off spending a few extra bucks on a Penn or Shimano reel.
    Answered on 8/3/2016 6:55:02 PM by Matthew from NY
  • Seems like a first rate product to me. Now i have 2.
    Answered on 8/3/2016 7:18:13 PM by Bud from AL