Initial reaction is very good...

Reviewed by Davey Crockett from Tennessee, California on Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Just received the Danner East Ridge boots. Plan on putting these through the rigors soon, but here's my initial take:

"Made in United States of America." Well, not exactly. Yes, these boots may be assembled in the USA, but the inside label reads "with imported components." Not a deal killer, especially since most textiles are made in China these days, but would have appreciated some transparency/ truth in advertising.

My size 9's fit perfectly (true to size), and honestly feel great—soft and warm. And room enough for wearing a medium-thickness sock comfortably.

Vertical measurement from back of the heel to the top lip is about 9.5". The gusset top (max waterproof height) is 8". I stood in 7" of cold bathtub water for about 3 minutes. Stayed waterproof and warm.

Oddly, the gussets are not scored or creased, so it's a little funny to line up. Perhaps they will naturally score after wearing over time.

The Danners feel very lightweight, and not stiff at all.

The Vibram soles feel like a softer variety with plenty of ply. With rubber soles it's always a tradeoff between (a) soft/grippy or (b) hard/tough-lasting. Vibram makes several varieties of sole treads, and I'm hoping these softer ones will be grip monsters on wet rocks.

Overall, very pleased.
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