Perfect product for men who need sharp knives

Verified Buyer Reviewed by TexasTom from North Richland Hills, Texas on Tuesday, May 20, 2014
This is the first knife sharpening kit I've seen that is complete. My grandfather, who was born in Finland, Learned how to sharpen knives using the three stone method. He did not use honing oil, instead, he used his spit! That man was a master. Although he worked in Coal Mines and Steel Mills all his life, He kept the Finnish customs for knife sharpening, etc... He would sharpen all the knives my grandmother had every Thanksgiving morning, every year. To continue my story, My grandfather would only use the stones that he needed to get a given knife to a razor sharp edge. I watched him work for hours on Thanksgiving morning. Every time he finished with a knife, he asked me to hold up a piece of newspaper so he could test the sharpness of the knife. I held the newspaper up to him as high in the air as I could. He then would cut 1/2 inch strips of the news paper, on an angle, all the way down to 2 inches in front of my fingers. If ever there was a rough place he found, anywhere on the knife blade, he went back to the stones and sharpened the knife again to his satisfaction.

This kit replicates my grandfathers methods, if used properly. I purchased three kits, one for my son, one for my son-in-law, and one for me. I gave both boys a lesson and watched them perform. Now I've passed down a Finnish legacy to my boys. I am truly proud and happy that I found this sharpening set on Sierra.
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