great deal, but some tradeoffs

Reviewed by Aaron from Tahoe on Monday, January 12, 2015
For the price, it seems to be worth it. With a coupon, it was barely more than a low-cost 3/4 lbs block of wax on Amazon. At 1.1 lbs of wax, if it's comparable, this is like getting the iron for free.

I used the iron with another block of demon all-temp wax I bought, which should be about the same as this wax. It went on fairly well, and scraped off easily if not left too long. The scraper is snowboard sized, so it was overkill for the kids skis, and the wax seemed to really have a lot of static cling to the scraper. As for the iron, it did it's job, but could be improved. It is small, and the temp dial is hard to get at under the handle. I liked the Toko one I borrowed from a friend last year much better, but that's like comparing an old beatle to a current Camry. Both will get you where you across town, but it's hard to compare them once you get beyond that.

The iron seemed to work fine, but this is at the low end. I might have been just as happy, or happier, with the ten dollar black friday clothes iron special from Home Depot.

I'll use it a few more times and likely choose to keep it. But if you are looking for a mid or high end ski wax iron, look for something better.
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