Very comfortable pack

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Rockerc from Tucson on Saturday, May 6, 2017
I finally cracked and recycled my trusty old Dakine pack. This seems a worthy replacement. The 100 oz reservoir is a must here in the desert, and airflow to my back is also highly desirable. This ticked those boxes, and I liked the idea of the pockets at the waist band for access to essentials without taking off the pack. I have never worn a chest or waist strap on my hydration packs, as I always thought them restricting, but thought I would give this a try. Glad I did!
It did not take long to get used to the straps, and they do make the pack feel more secure. The wire frame and air gap to the back are extremely comfortable, and even loaded up with additional water bottle, snacks, tools, spares and all the other necessary bits to survive in the desert on long MTB rides, this feels about as good as a pack of this weight could. So far I have used it on several half day rides in 90 degree heat and it never feels too much. The straps and helmet holder are well thought out and user-friendly, the reservoir is easily removable, quickly cleaned, and seems durable.
My only slight niggles are:
- The cap on the valve is not easily removable with one hand, so I just leave it dangling and put it back on when I stop. The valve itself can easily be unscrewed with one hand and is quick to do.
- The zippers on the waist pockets are difficult to zip up again where they are positioned. You would need the arms of an orangutan to achieve 2 handed operation. I have now figured out a way to zip these up fully with one hand now, but it does involve a good measure of digital dexterity that is slightly annoying.
- The side mesh pockets could be usefully a little bigger so as to be able to hold water bottles, but this would make the whole pack less sleek, so a minor thing only. I usually take a full 100 oz and another plastic bottle inside the pack for emergencies.

Overall, a great product tho!
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