Comfortable and Lightweight for the Little Guy

Reviewed by Mom of 4 Active Boys from Iowa on Tuesday, February 25, 2014
My 4 year old needed a pair of goggles. We have been doing our best to enjoy this winter with the sub-zero temps, and the combination of blowing snow and reflective sunlight was a bit much for him. I purchased these because they looked like they would fit a small 4-year old, allow him to feel like he had the same equipment as his 3 older brothers, and because the dragon would appeal to him.

He has worn them several times for sledding and skiing. They have fit comfortably over a hat or helmet, and protected his face from chapping. They do come a bit far down on his face, but he is on the smaller side. We haven't noticed any issues with them fogging up, and best of all - he can stay out and enjoy the snow longer with this extra layer of protection
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