“How many pieces of clothing can be fitted into each bag?”

Asked by Traveler from California on 12/13/2016 2:59:52 AM
  • We used two of the medium sizes which fit best in our carry on luggage for our trip to Spain. In one we were able to pack about 5 or 6 shirts. The other one we used for pants and fit in 4 or 5 pairs of pants. When we put the items in the bag, we left the zipped part open a bit at the end while we were compressing the bag. Once we had as much air out as possible, then we zipped it all the way. Sometimes the zipper part slipped off the edge, but it was easy to put back on. The bag is kind of like a giant zip lock sandwich bag. It really helped with fitting more items into our carry on rolling luggage. We each had two of the sacs for our luggage. We found them quite useful.
    Answered on 12/13/2016 8:34:17 AM by Las Truchas from Jackson Hole
  • How many items these hold depends on how big your clothing items are. My family has used these as our dirty laundry bags when traveling for almost 10 years. We fold the items of clothing before we put them in and sometimes roll them if we can to fit many pieces of clothing inside them. We don't travel without them. In a medium, we can fit at least 6-7 shirts and some underwear. We are not small people. We usually use a large and medium and that contains all worn clothing from a 5-7 day travel! So durable, too!
    Answered on 12/26/2016 8:16:58 AM by Wife of Joe3D from Erie PA