very lightweight, a little hard to load

Reviewed by Ken from San Francisco on Friday, July 26, 2013
I've been using the old-style Eagle Creek Pack-It cubes for years. They were really great for organizing my luggage. This new product at first appears to be smaller because it is so floppy and lightweight, but holding it up to the old cubes, the new one is exactly the same size and it should carry the same amount of stuff. You really don't want these to be much bigger or they won't fit in carry-on sized suitcases.

I like that the new cubes are lighter weight since airlines are a lot more strict about luggage weight these days. The main thing I don't like about the new cube is that it is harder to load. The fabric is more floppy, so you have be more careful about sliding your clothes inside it. Also, the zipper on the old cubes opened on 3 sides, so you could load it like a suitcase; fold the top open and lay your clothes inside. The zipper on the new cubes only opens half way around the top, so you have to load it more like a stuff sack, holding the bag open with one hand and sliding your clothes in with the other hand. With a little practice, loading the new cubes is not as hard as it sounds.
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