Just what I need!

Reviewed by Kate in CA from Santa Barbara, CA on Saturday, January 27, 2018
When I travel overseas, I often have to go through multiple airports with multiple check-in counters and TSA check points and have always had problems trying to keep my passport and boarding passes handy. I don't carry a purse in most foreign countries, just a backpack, so I don't have things I need at hand. I have tried several "boarding purses/pouches" but none have worked; they were usually too small to hold a boarding pass or had a side zipper or top flap so it took time to get things out and put them away. This item by Eagle Creek is just perfect for my needs. I like that the top is wider so I don't have to aim perfectly while I stash my boarding pass and passport as I move through multiple TSA checkpoints at LAX and try not to hold up those behind me in line. It has an RFID protection closeable pocket inside that can hold credit cards, but it is not large enough for a passport. But since USA passports are safe from ID theft, the small pocket is not a problem. For my needs, this product is just what I've been looking for.
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