Mixed Bag

Verified Buyer Reviewed by TruReview from California on Wednesday, June 3, 2015
So I ordered 3 dozen of these classic la fontaine's sparkle pupa. The price was unbeatable. I mean the price I got on these was like $4.50/dozen or something, so likely cheaper than when I tie them myself. As well, I can spend my limited tying time on other patterns. However, I got a mixed bag with these flies. Let me explain...some of these are great but others have a problem. The problem is that the antron bubble/case whatever you want to call it is not much of a bubble. Whoever tied them simply pulled the antron up and they didn't really puff it out. So they aren't a very good representation of the what is being portrayed. That being said, for the price I wouldn't send them back either as shipping costs more than the flies that weren't tied correctly.

Of the 3 dozen I ordered, 1 of them(olive) is tied this way. A few here and there aren't perfect but more than acceptable in the other 2 dozen. The flies outside of this look great. I will likely fish the olive anyway when there are olive caddis staging, emerging or even post hatch...we shall see if the fish will refuse these. I suspect it will depend greatly upon how pressures the water/fish that I am fishing will determine that.

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