Comfortable Aggressive Shoe

Reviewed by hikeok from Oklahoma on Sunday, January 17, 2016
These are by far the most comfortable aggressive shoes I've ever put on. I'm able to spend long periods of time in them without needing to give my feet a break. I felt I was able to size slightly larger because the love bump helps hold the toes in an ideal position. The knuckle box seemed a little sketchy when I first put them on because it leaves a little extra space for my foot in the shoe, however I have not found this to actually cause any problems while climbing. They've performed perfectly well both on my home wall and on the local granite. My only knock against this shoe is the ton-and-a-half of rubber they put on the bottom of it. I have a harder time feeling the rock with these shoes than I do any of my other shoes simply because of how thick the rubber is. Sure, I'll be able to go for a while without a resole and the rubber is plenty sticky, but I'd rather have some thinner rubber on there. I was able to pull a sit-start on a route that'd been busting my chops previously simply because I was finally able to dig my toe into a tiny notch I hadn't been able to stick before. I'd love to think my climbing was improving, but the reality is that these shoes probably deserve as much credit as I do. I wear a size 10 shoe, a size 9 chaco, and got these in 10.5. If you're coming from other climbing shoes, these size similar to 5.10 Blackwings (I wear 10.5 in both). I wear 41.5 in most La Sportiva shoes (nagos, mythos, tarantulace). If you're looking for a first pair of shoes on this site, check out the la sportiva nagos. If you're looking for an aggressive pair of shoes to add to your quiver, these are a good choice, especially for the price.
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