“Are these waterproof?”

Asked by Sara Lansky from New York on 6/19/2015 12:30:40 PM
  • No. I use them as dress gloves and don't have a reason to get them wet except when brushing snow off the car. I've never soaked them through, but the leather does get wet.
    Answered on 6/19/2015 12:36:52 PM by Furry Dog Mom from Massachusetts
  • No they're not
    Answered on 6/19/2015 12:38:17 PM by Joco from Chicago
  • in answer to your question, these are dress gloves and they are NOT waterproof.
    Answered on 6/19/2015 12:59:41 PM by LegRoom from New York
  • I don't know. I gave them as a gift.
    Answered on 6/19/2015 1:39:09 PM by california dreamin from Illinois
  • I do not think these are waterproof.
    Answered on 6/19/2015 6:06:28 PM by sd in FL from Florida
  • No. They are for daily use, not for skiing or even shoveling - but I LOVE them!
    Answered on 6/19/2015 8:40:56 PM by Judi V from PA
  • I think they are as waterproof as any leather garment. Not as waterproof as a rubber or plastic, however.
    Answered on 6/19/2015 9:53:13 PM by Road Walker from Marin County, CA
  • I only wore them a short time before the weather changed. They are beautiful gloves, but waterproof, I think not.
    Answered on 6/20/2015 6:02:10 AM by Patricia from New York
  • I bought these for next winter so haven't used them beyond trying them on. Leather is generally not waterproof but can be water proofed or made more water resistant with saddle soap etc.
    Answered on 6/20/2015 11:58:02 AM by mermaid 27 from Cape Cod
  • These are a pair of refined leather gloves suitable for more dressy or everyday 'city' use. I don't think these are appropriate for strenuous activity such as winter sports. Therefore, I would not classify these as waterproof gloves unless you treat them with a quality leather waterproof product.
    Answered on 6/20/2015 10:55:30 PM by Ronald from Baltimore
  • I don't know if they've been waterproofed but I treated them as if they had not. I haven't worn them in the rain, but I did wear them in the snow and they repelled the moisture from the flakes with no discoloration. If you need them to be really waterproof, I think you'd need to treat them with a waterproofing solution.
    Answered on 6/25/2015 9:39:18 PM by Joanna from Colorado
  • These are not waterproof.
    Answered on 6/30/2015 11:49:47 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Company Headquarters
  • These are not waterproof.
    Answered on 6/30/2015 11:49:51 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Company Headquarters
  • These are not waterproof.
    Answered on 6/30/2015 11:49:56 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Company Headquarters